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Competitive Youth Soccer Teams in Houston - Hanseatic Soccer Academy

Competitive Soccer Academy Programs

For the ambitious soccer talent - Elite Level

Our Competitive Youth Soccer Programs are for the most talented and ambitious young soccer players in our Hanseatic Soccer Family. Players who want to play in one of our Competitive Soccer Team must go through a tryout process each year. Our competitive trainings  are divided into 4 different age groups:

Cabin Boys (5-7 years old)
Our Youngest Talents, often referred to as Initial or Pre-Academy Stage. At this age, the kids learn basic techniques and FUNdamentals in a fun, but challenging way. 
Blue jackets (8-11 years old)
Our Blue Jackets, often referred to as Basic or Academy Stage. This age-group focuses on individual technical skills, speed and agility.
Seamen (12-14) 
Our Seaman, often referred to as Intermediate or Pre-Formation Stage. The focus for this age group is on team play, tactical awareness and creating the physical attributes, stamina, speed and agility to be successful in the game of soccer. 
Ship's masters (15-18) 
Our Ship's masters, often referred to as Advanced or Formation Stage. At this age, our competitive players should have the technical skills and the tactical awareness to play at a high level. Now everything has to be put together, technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social aspects. 
Captains (18+) 
We do not offer programs for players over 18 years of age, but we hope to release all our competitive soccer academy players as real captains on the field, well educated soccer players that can help every team to succeed. 

Small Group Soccer Practices - Competitive, Houston - Registration

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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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Independence Park

5515 Clara Rd. Houston Texas United States 77041

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14423 West Rd Houston Texas United States 77041

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